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As a BOSE pro partner for over 20 years we have come across many situations that required literally thinking outside the box. How to create a rich sound on a nightclub floor while still allowing the local residents to enjoy their peace. With careful planning between ourselves and the client we managed to create a great customer experience while appeasing the near neighbours. Solutions through creative thinking.

      Professional Sound


We always take great joy when an old customer gives us a brief for a refit and we look back on our order book and tell him it was 15 years ago we installed the last system and he got 15 years trouble free.

We install all products with pride and the knowledge that having done the installation correctly in the first place we will avoid costly call outs and the inconvenience of down time for the client.

      Recent Projects
  • Bespoke nightclub system in an area with close neighbours and overcoming their concerns.


  • Department stores & Supermarket environments


  • School auditoriums


  • Pub installations


  • Concession areas in well known Dept Stores


      Future Developements

Control systems which can control various aspects of the business from various devices and locations are frequent requests and as broadband and GSM services become more stable more and more of our business life will become controlable.

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